July 31, 2022

Purposefully – The Zeal Of The Lord

Purposefully – The Zeal Of The Lord

The zeal of the Lord

Two extremes in the church-
🎯 Some believe everything is purposed.
🎯 Some believe nothing is purposed.

Some things happen because of our own shortcomings. Not everything is purposed by God or the devil

Misfortunes are sometimes just from life circumstances, not necessarily God or the devil.

You can have natural occurrences with supernatural backings.
E.g. the slave traders passing by where Joseph was placed in a pit was a natural occurrence but that was the beginning of his story and experiences with God.

Don’t think for a second that it’s all fun and games. Remember that God works behind the scenes.

How can I experience the zeal of the Lord in my life? You cannot. There is nothing you can do.

Supernatural advancements or advantages is not make you lazy.
God will not interrupt natural occurrences that are there to make you better

There are natural laws that you must not break.
Sleep well, eat healthily, and drink enough water.

Be sensitive to the natural and the supernatural.

There must always be balance in your life: Balance the natural and the supernatural.

Purpose is always first about God’s agenda.

Stay consecrated, stay committed, and value the supernatural.
Don’t treat sacred things normally or with disdain.

The zeal of the Lord will sometimes test your patience.
Delay indicates something great or special is coming.

Learn to recognize graces in people.

Work in God’s timing and don’t stick with your own will.

John the Baptist would not have been born if it was not time for Jesus to come into the picture.
Elizabeth waiting was because what was coming was great and had its time.

Be satisfied with your lot.

The zeal of the Lord will show up in aspects of your life:

1. It will show up in your mistakes. – God can make a message from your mess. Jonah’s mistake made him a part of divine prophecy. ( his staying in the belly of the fish for 3 days symbolized how Christ died for 3 days) Abraham’s mistake (Ismael) represented those under the law and Isaac ( those under grace)
Everything you do to demonstrate what Christ will do is the most important.

For a person of prophecy, no pain is wasted. My mistakes and background and the wickedness of others will be part of the testimony.

Thank your enemies and the ones who did you wrong, everything works together for your good in the end.
The atrocities and wickedness of man to Christ birthed the greatest gift to mankind.

2. The zeal will show up when you take simple steps of obedience.

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