August 7, 2022




Romans 12:1
Reasonable service is the way God wants to be served.
If you serve the way you think it should be, it might not suit the person you are serving.
There is a service that is for your pocket.
Everybody has their preferences, tastes are different.

Gen 4:5 We think God must accept what we want to give him – The mentality of Cain.

There can be a lot of effort into worship, and it will still be a waste because it is nothing to God.
You can be zealous but ignorant, sincere but wrong.
You can be in the music, but not in the spirit.

Matt 15:22 – 24.
It is not about eloquence. If you get the protocol right, it does not really matter what you get wrong.

Jesus said it is better to obey than to sacrifice. James 1:22.
Obedience is the love language of heaven.
In the anatomy of devotion, your heart must not be far from your mouth.
We worship a spirit, that sees the hidden and every other thing possible. He knows and sees it all. So, he cannot be deceived.
Worship is consecration. It is not complete until it is entire.
True worship must come from total surrender to the Lord.
Worship must not be a moment, but a lifestyle. True worship never ends.

You must dethrone everything else, nothing else must compete.

True worship begins at the cross. It is at acknowledging what Jesus did and that He is Lord.

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