July 21, 2019

How To Pray

How To Pray

The notion that you learn to pray only by praying is not entirely true; there is a difference between the culture of prayer & effective prayer. Jesus taught His disciples lessons on how not to pray as much as He taught them how to pray. Matt 6:5-6, 31-33.

Prayer is not about technicalities, language construction or eloquence, it is all about who you are in respect to your relationship with the Father. The No.1 rule in prayer is to know who you are; prayer is a matter of identity & a matter of the Gospel. Act 19.11-15.

The fall of man wrecked havoc to all creation; it caused a gap between man & God. Isa 59:1-2.

However, God went to lengths to bring us back into fellowship with himself; ‘(Romans 5:1-2) Because prayer (fellowship) has always been a matter of righteousness, Jesus reconciled us with God by giving us the gift of righteousness, which in turn, gave us access to God; now we stand worthy before God when we pray & because we are righteous, our prayer avails much (The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much: James 5:16b)

To have an effective prayer life, you must always be conscious of your identity in Christ, never allow the enemy make you doubt your worthiness. Rom 5:17

Remember, your motive counts most; don t be interested only in what prayer can do for you, be interested in having a genuine relationship with the One to whom you pray.

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