July 24, 2022

Purposefully – Soar – Confidence in Purpose

Purposefully – Soar – Confidence in Purpose

Confidence in Purpose

Romans 8:37-39
The simple interpretation of this is that purpose gives you a sense of fortitude for the future.
For your own good, it’s important to place a guard on your life. Purpose fuels you and aids you to be confident and confidence changes your life.
Subconsciously your mentality is fueling your decisions. Little things like eye contact and firmer handshakes could be the difference between success and failure in your life.
It takes confidence to change the trajectory of your life.

What really differentiates people in life is a mentality. Confidence is a miracle because it’s hard to imbibe. One of the hardest thing that God can do for a man is to give to him the right mentality.
Salvation is the greatest demonstration of the power of the will of a man. Never underestimate the ability to wreak your life with your decisions.

It was easier for God to perform miracles than change the mentality of the mind of man.

We need to change our mindset because some of us are using our mentality to stop what God wants us to do in our lives.

Formula for success;

~ The reason why you see someone do something that you were born to do is that you’re seeing it from a stand but if your platforms begin to change your seeing begins to change!

~ Every time fear and doubt hinders you from taking the big decisions you’re meant to take you miss the things God will have you do.

~ The goal is to live a life of purpose and because the goal is to live a life of purpose, we have no finish line until we see Jesus.

Proverbs 23:7 If you want to change your life it begins with your mindset and if you do that, the quality of your decisions will change.

~ Purpose works best when we have a sense of accountability.

~ Purpose pushes you to embrace risk- When you’re purposeful you’ll understand that risk is okay. If you change your thoughts, you’ll change your life.

In the direction of purpose always keep making progress and improving.
Purpose makes you tenacious. You begin to direct your purpose when you come to a realization of confidence in purpose🔥

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