March 20, 2022

The Ministry Of The Spirit III – Jetpack

The Ministry Of The Spirit III – Jetpack

Who is the spirit?

🔥 Rom 8:9 The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God and Christ.
(John 14:16) it is in this regard that the spirit of God is called the spirit of Christ.

🔥 He is not just a feeling – His presence can be felt but he is not a feeling. You know God is with you by faith. We know that we’re in the spirit because the spirit dwells in us everyday. We must learn to yield the sword even when we don’t feel the sword.

🔥 We see the truth about adoption- The spirit of God is for identification, we belong to God when we have the spirit. The HolySpirit is a seal proving that we’re children of God. It is the assurance of sonship and because He is our daddy, we have spiritual security.

🔥Sanctification, because of the spirit, we no longer have to follow the sinful acts of the flesh.

🔥 Rom 8:11 – This shows us the influence of the spirit. Where true baptism is that Christ has immersed us in Him.


This is a bag pack that we use to fly.
In the spirit, we fly with the Holy Ghost because we know that the same engineering of the power of God is already at work in us. The resurrection of Jesus is proof that we will be resurrected.
1 Thess 4:14 This is one theology wired into your fabric of faith.
1 Cor 15:12.
The word of God remains sure. We should never doubt that we’re making heaven. As long as we have the Holy Spirit, we shouldn’t lack the assurance of Salvation.

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