March 23, 2022

Praying In Tongues

Praying In Tongues

Matthew 20:26

God loves to brag about people that contribute.
If you want to stand out in the sight of God you should be ready to contribute.
Medals are awarded to those who fight not to those who know that they can fight because in the kingdom God doesn’t reckon greatness by capacity alone.
At the end of the day, greatness in the kingdom is not by what you think you can produce but by what you actually produce.

Greatness is reckoned by contribution!

What really measures greatness in the sight of God is “Love” (1 Cor 13)

Even in the administration of gifts, there is a hierarchy in terms of importance, know this, Spiritual gifts are for service! It is not so that you can advance your own physical agenda. God wants a body whereby every part is a supplying joint and If you’re asked what you’re doing for the body of Christ; It should be seen that you’ve been able to come up with a strategy to reach people for God. (1 Cor 14:1-2)

Acts 1:8 simply means that the gifts are primarily for evangelism and not for personal gratification.
Write your faith story! There has to be more. Desire spiritual gifts but not for yourself.
The Spirit of God has come to make greatness common. Get involved for the kingdom and be a supplying joint.

Again, desire the gifts for the advancement of the kingdom!

1 Sam 10:5-7
God designed his church to be a body filled with supplying joints. If you really want to see big things in your walk with God, associate with people who have it. 1 Sam 10:7 explains that we can do as occasion demands once the spirit has come upon us. Do not let the devil trick you to think that being alone is the best thing.

Take community seriously and use community as a strategy. When our heart is focused on the kingdom we have the capacity but we must have a purpose in mind and God uses utterance to launch us into our purpose.
By this, we experience progress and joy in the faith!

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