March 13, 2022

The Ministry Of The Spirit II

The Ministry Of The Spirit II

2 Cor 10:5

The biggest strategy of the enemy is against your mind.
The devil tries to get you to second guess the word of God and anytime you second guess what God has said about you then that’s an attack of the devil against your mind.

The oldest trick of the devil is the illusion of freedom and he makes the lack of boundaries seem exciting. He is consciously fighting against everything that you hold sacred.
The movie “Matrix” paints this picture perfectly (The moral programming of the spirit).

The devil has fought against objective truth and this idea will cause us to self-destruct.
God isn’t trying to limit our experience, he’s trying to protect it.

John 15:26
In the Holy Spirit, we understand that there is objective truth. We must fight for the proper definition of truth.
The ministry of the spirit explains that in the Old Testament, God gave rules but in the New Testament, God came into us to empower us to do. The ministry of the spirit is in us and empowers us to live right. Don’t let the devil blur the lines.

God helps us to live in a manner consistent with our new nature BY HIS SPIRIT. Jer31:31-34 Ezekiel 36:26 -27

Romans 8: 1-2 By the Spirit, Sin is no longer irresistible.
A man who lives in condemnation actually never knew he was free from bondage. The fact that we see contradictions doesn’t mean we aren’t saved but there’s a need to be reminded by God’s word to mortify the deeds of the body and work the word of God in your life.

How do we mortify the deeds of the body;

1. Accountability – Have a system of accountability. They say evil association corrupts good manners. If you want to have a prayerful life, have prayerful friends. Have the right association.

2. Have and maintain a vibrant devotion- It is counterproductive to be fighting habits. Walking in the spirit is the most effective way. You don’t fight temptation effectively when it is standing in front of you, you should prepare ahead.

Sanctification must be a growing reality, it might be gradual but the process must be evident.

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