February 5, 2020

The Believer’s Lovewalk

The Believer’s Lovewalk

God is the father of Lights. He is goodness in its perfection.
You will never see a better definition of ‘good’. Nothing comes close in describing goodness.
There is no evil in God. He has never done evil, He will never do evil. He is consistently good and He is light. This is such an important conviction to have.
Just as the sun is a consistently beaming source of light, God is constantly good.
If you study God and see evil, you’re looking through the wrong lens.

The sun doesn’t rise or set, the planets move. When there is darkness, its because our planet is backing the sun. In the same way, our experience is as a result of our position.
The giving of Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins is an everlasting demonstration of God’s love for us.
We don’t get to doubt his love anymore because Jesus died.

Everything you will ever bring to the table is in response to His generosity.
God is always initiating when it comes to love. He is never the one responding or playing catch-up. He is always outgoing when it comes to love.
He is proactive in love.

In the memo of salvation, if you receive this generous gift of love, you MUST reciprocate the love to your neighbour. It is not about what the neighbour did, it’s about Christ and His love.

The sacrifice of Christ bestows on us the responsibility to love as nothing else does. The redemptive work of Christ has empowered us to love by the Holy Ghost.
In Christ, our propensity is to love, forgive and be generous. Don’t accept a temperament that’s not in line with your nature in Christ.

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