February 9, 2020

The Love Code

The Love Code

Knowing Christ helps you fulfill the following:

1. In Christ, you will enjoy your singleness

2. You will choose right

3. You will have the right model. Enjoying your singleness: If you do not enjoy your singleness you won’t enjoy your relationship.

When you are too needy you’ll become less attractive. The irony is you will work better with someone when you stand alone. If you are not satisfied in Christ first and foremost you will never be satisfied. Understanding that the most important person in the world loves you regardless, would change your perspective to life. God’s plan for you is that you can be so satisfied in him that you give others. Let nobody take the place of God even in marriage. It is Christ that completes you not a man. You’ll choose right a hen you are not desperate you will choose right.

Have the right model

Matthew 20:25-28. Our right model should be Christ. Christ is our standard in marriage. If Christ is your standard in marriage, the stakes are high. All the things you complained about in your marriage are the very things you are to use to show the love of Christ. You have more opportunities to show the love of Christ when your partner is weak. If you are going to love like Christ, you would not wait for the response from your partner. It is very possible to love like Christ because we have the Holy Spirit. God wants our marriage to be a testimony of his love. Not only is His love overwhelming, never-ending and reckless but so is our love.

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