February 2, 2020

Love Is Moving

Love Is Moving
Love Is Moving.
Phil 1:25 Until we learn and hear over and over again, we might not really understand, because emphasis births maturity. What we really know is what we bring out under pressure. Love is beyond words or action, Love is a moving breathing person, the man Jesus.
1John 4:8 The foundation for any kind of love is Christ’s love. Every time God wants to teach us about marriage, he refers us to the sacrifice of Jesus.
John 3:16 God has a love language, his love language is his salvation plan. We are assured of the love of God because He died for us, we extend this love unto others by telling the world the gospel and bringing more sons to the body of Christ.
Rom 1:16 We should see all men as those who Christ died for, Jesus did it, and we tell it. The gospel is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s the good news.

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