February 12, 2020

The Believer’s Lovewalk II

The Believer’s Lovewalk II
The love walk of a believer is explained in how we forgive our debtors because our debts have been forgiven. We are to emulate the life of Christ as believers. We should be challenged and inspired by the life of Jesus Christ and the things He did. To walk in love is to be vulnerable to hurt. That’s the life we have been called to live and Jesus did it too. Isaiah 53:7. As believers, we have a standard for forgiveness and we see Christ as the model.
There is an endurance and a consistency to love. Everybody responds to love and as children of God, we should show love to the undeserving. When we encounter difficult people, we ought to take it as an opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ because that may be the only chance some people have to see God. It’s our destiny and calling to show God in our devotion and our conduct with people. One of the greatest statements of the redemptive work is that love will always overcome. No matter how powerful evil is, love is always more powerful.

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