February 19, 2020

The Believer’s Lovewalk III

The Believer’s Lovewalk III

2 Corinthians 2:11 We are to recognize the devices of the devil. He comes to steal, kill and destroy and he uses disorderliness to come between people. Sometimes the solution is not to keep arguing but to pray! The devil’s greatest strength is doing things under the radar. He works without people knowing he is the one. You have to understand the devices of the enemy especially when it comes to relationships.

Skaldalom is the Greek word for Offense. It actually means a trap stick. Many times it’s the devil baiting us and many at times we fall for the bait. If we can learn to point out his activities better we will be stronger, because when we don’t, it spreads. Acts 14:9-19. James 4:1&2.

We should learn how to let go of offense. We should not be like the man at Bethesda who was so concerned about the people who disappointed him even when the healer was right in front of him. We should learn to trust God and not man. In 1 Samuel 17:28-31, David knew how to properly deal with offense when his brother looked down on him by looking away and continuing on his path. Never be on the other side of prophecy. If you stand against prophecy, you’ll stand as the spectacle to the manifestation.

Learn to forgive, learn to let go of those who hurt you because that is the Believer’s Love Walk.

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