November 7, 2021

Taking Action – The Revolutionary Church

Taking Action – The Revolutionary Church

Every successful revolution begins with a purpose. It’s important to understand the purpose and assignment otherwise it won’t matter even with the resources at your disposal .

As a revolutionary church, we look to our leader Jesus who in His time on earth was a revolutionary.
His priorities should be our priorities. He was all about saving people.
If we must get the revolution right, we must get the purpose of the revolution right.

In carrying out a revolution we note the following as mostly seen in Christ
– The ability to persevere in the face of distraction and persecution.
– Jesus’ impact is found in the fact that He replicated Himself in people. Don’t underestimate your ability to make an impact.
– He birthed the revolutionary church as was seen in Acts 17:6
– Apply the same discipline Jesus had.
– Know that you are not going in your might. Stop acting like you are powerless.
– We must make disciples. For every time we make disciples we are stronger for it.
– Discern your role by the Spirit of God
– Speak audaciously. Take audacious actions
– Sharpen your weapons (Eph 6:13-18 )
– We are in formation as an army. Understand your role.

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