October 31, 2021

Where Is God In My Pain?

Where Is God In My Pain?

So, you might be asking the question: “Where is God in my Pain?”.

1. God doesn’t cause pain or sickness (James 1:17): God is not a double agent. He doesn’t use sickness to test your faith or that of your loved ones.
2. God is present to comfort and encourage: God isn’t untouched nor far-removed from you. He is there in the pain with you (Hebrews 4:15).
3. God is present to heal: Even if we don’t know God’s timetable for our healings, we know the end already. So were encouraged and we’ll show up daily expecting to be healed. Keep the faith!!
4. God will use your pain for His glory (John 11:4-15): God isn’t limited by time.

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