May 26, 2021

Deeper Abuja – The Man God Uses (Kingdom Priesthood)

Deeper Abuja – The Man God Uses (Kingdom Priesthood)

THE MAN GOD USES; A Teaching on Biblical Priesthood.

1. In the realm of the spirit, sacrifice is the picture of strength, & service is the picture of greatness. Rev 5:1-10 2.

The Gospel is not just a message to believe, it’s an example to emulate; Christ sacrificed his life to save us; don’t just benefit from this provision, imbibe the mentality. Phil 2:4-5 3.

The mentality of sonship is different from the mentality of the priesthood. Priesthood (service) is the purpose of sonship (adoption); after adoption comes priesthood. 1 Pet 2:9, Rom 9:1-4 4.

The church of Jesus must have a depth of maturity, each person having a sense of divine direction as a royal priesthood.

5. You don’t trap the goodness of God in selfishness, when you reflect on God’s goodness, it should provoke selflessness in you. For example, the salvation plan should make you want to live your life for Jesus. Lk 5:9-11, John 6:51

6. Spiritual gifts have a purpose, they are meant for service, not for self-preservation.

Two (2) things that make spiritual gifts ineffective; a.) Lack of love. b.) Wrong motive. 1Cor 13:1-5 Desire spiritual gifts NOT for your self-preservation, but so that you can serve the church, this is how to be effective.

7. Priesthood is a step deeper. A priest has the responsibility to represent God to the people and the people, to God; there is selflessness to it. Have this mentality in your daily devotional life. Your selfless is revealed in your motives.

Deut 18:1-2, Exo 29:1-4, 15-18, 19-28, Rom 12:1 8. A better approach to Christian experience is this; ‘Christ died for me so that I can live my life for him. If you seek God first so that other things can be added to you, you are still seeking other things. Matt 6:33

9. Bear the burdens of God. Grow up. You are a priest, stop thinking about yourself & what you can gather. The man God reveals & entrusts his plans to is a selfless man.

10. Pray selflessly, e.g for the spread of the Gospel, for the freedom of the persecuted. Develop genuine compassion for others. Grow in obedience, not in religion. 2Thes 3:1-2, Heb 13:3, Eph 1:7

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