May 30, 2021

Like Incense – Come To Me

Like Incense – Come To Me

2 Timothy 1:4-6. Paul made us know that the ministry of a parent in a child’s life is equally as important as the ministry of an apostle in the life of a man. If as parents we can get the foundation right, it makes the church easier to teach.

Proverbs 22:6. We are all ministers of the gospel and we should take it very important. We are to train and nurture those around us because we are saved to help others get saved. While we might have big dreams for our careers, the gospel, and our nation – which is very important, we must not neglect the responsibility God has given to us when he gives us children (biological or not).

John 6:9 the little boy whose food was used to feed 5,000 people had his life changed forever just by witnessing one of the greatest miracles ever done. We must be careful where we take our children to. At the early age of their lives, they believe anything. But that does not mean that we feed them just anything. We should be careful as parents.

If children are taught early enough in love, they will stay there. Your family is your ministry, both for men and women. Genesis 18:18-19, 1 Timothy3:4-5. When it comes to your family, you should have the mindset of progress and joy in the faith. We are to train our children with words and be intentional about their growth. We are also to teach them by example. Teach them by showing them.

We are also to be prayerful and yield to the voice of God through prophecy. We are our children’s spiritual cover and so we are to be responsible for their spiritual lives. We are also to look beyond our own children to include other children.

We are to attend a good local church for the sake of our kids. We are to attend a church where our children can grow spiritually and not pick up bad doctrines.

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