May 23, 2021

Like Incense – Thankful

Like Incense – Thankful


Today, we are answering the question, ‘Why should we be thankful?’

To answer this question, here are three reasons.

1. He is God!
Psalm 148:1-5, Psalm 100:1-3 – There must be a symphony for the praise of the creator God. Breath is enough reason for us to praise God. As long as we are living creatures created by a sovereign God, then we are to praise Him.
James 2:19 While the existence of God is a good enough reason for us to thank Him, our devotion should be deeper than the basics – acknowledging that there is God. There must be a deeper reason for our thankfulness. Job 27:4-6.

2. He is Good!
God does not just want us to worship Him because He is Good. Consecration is a default response to the revelation of the goodness of God. All through the bible, we see that God lures us to consecration with His goodness. Exodus 19:4&5. There is an invitation in God to taste and see. Ephesians 2:7. God likes to show His lavish kindness so that He can lure us into divine loyalty. We challenge you to learn to document the goodness of God. Isaiah 63:7

3. We can trust Him!
1 Thessalonians 5:18 In Christ, we know that no matter what we go through in the immediate, we know that we always win. We thank Him because we know He has our best interest at heart. Our perspective on thankfulness has changed because we know that we have already won! The goal of prayer is not only what it can do for us, but what it can do in us – we are God’s priority.
Take out time this week to thank God.

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