February 15, 2024

Triggers – How to Heal From Trauma

Triggers – How to Heal From Trauma

How to Heal from Trauma

We must always embrace, in our consciousness, the image of totality in salvation.

When it comes to total and wholesome deliverance, spiritual activity is the beginning and not the end.
This means that mind renewal starts with the word of God and then a healthy exposure to the ideal reality.

There are four attachment styles that influence people’s behavior, which are

1. The Secure Attachment
2. ⁠The Anxious or Preoccupied
3. The ⁠Avoidant Dismissive
4. The Fearful Avoidant

It is ideal to be conscious of what style we belong to so we can control or manage how we relate to people.

There are, however, 3 sure ways to help heal from these negative effects:

1. The church.
2. Walking in the spirit of God.
3. Living in Christ Consciousness.

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