February 11, 2024

Conflict to Connection

Conflict to Connection

Conflict to Connection

Love in and of itself, is not enough guarantee to have a lasting home. And that it takes wisdom and understanding to build a home.

Here are some important lessons to take note from this sermon;

Psychological signs that a relationship will not stand the test of time:
I. Criticism
II. Defensiveness
III. Contempt
IV. Stonewalling.

Two things to learn about communication:
I. We are different.
II. Understand that there is a reason you are the way you are.

Four important ways to create an environment of safety, which are;
1. Create a non-judgmental environment.
2. ⁠A clear line of communication.
3. ⁠There must be a deep sense of understanding.
4. ⁠Women must feel prioritized.

There are four signs of defensiveness as mentioned earlier as a way of discernment;
I. Making excuses.

II. Cross complaining.

III. “Yes but”

IV. Body language and time change.

Lastly, we learned about how to deal with them as listed below;
1. Take a short break.
2. ⁠Stick to the subject matter.
3. ⁠Future focus.

As we journey through our marriage and relationships, we are instructed to take intentional steps to ensure a long-lasting and healthy home.🤗

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