July 17, 2022

Purposefully – Sacrifice

Purposefully – Sacrifice

Sacrifice in your service
2 Tim 2:15
Knowing God requires diligence.
Learn to dig in when studying the word of God.

Purpose is not defined by what you gain by it but by how much you’re willing to lose for it.
Hebrews 11: 2
Abraham trusted God so much to leave his father’s house to a place God would show him.
Moses is another good example of a man that walked in purpose. Hebrews 11:24-25
Abraham moved away from wealth, Moses moved towards wealth. They both walked in purpose.
– Purpose is not always synonymous with success. Purpose defines success and not the other way around. You are successful because you are purposeful.
– Purpose is not synonymous with happiness. There are things more important than you. You are said to have purpose when you understand that what you are to achieve is greater than what you have.
*The paradox of purpose- when you discover the reason why you’re alive, you’re ready to die for it. If it is not worth living for, it’s not worth dying for.

1. Purpose is defined by what you’re ready to die for.
Philippians 1:21
2. Purpose makes you indifferent to life’s pleasures. When you live for something outside money and success, you become dangerous because you’re not easily swayed. With your prestige and success, you must still have a kind of service. This simplicity of mind/indifference makes a man of purpose powerful. We believe in the power of God but a Christian must not have an ungodly attachment to things.
3. Purpose is sacrifice. Purpose is objective, it is deep. Purpose is not always pleasant. Jesus dying was his purpose but it wasn’t a pleasurable thing. Purpose is greater than me.
Philippians 2:5-10

Living in purpose means I must be able to lay aside pleasure and privileges for a greater good.

Matthew 16:25- He who saves his life will lose it.
Learn to sacrifice. Purpose is sacrifice.
Benefits of sacrifice:
1. You will be a finisher. It takes sacrifice to start and finish. Genesis 11:31-32. 12:1.
2. A man of purpose will not have his journey end prematurely.
3. The indifference of purpose protects you from depression.

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