July 10, 2022

Purposefully – Giving Your Life A Meaning

Purposefully – Giving Your Life A Meaning

Giving your life a meaning⚡️⚡️

One great blessing of a believer is purpose. It is logically inconsistent to believe you don’t have a purpose if you don’t believe in God.

If you were created intentionally it means there’s a creator with an intention. If there is a purposed then there is what was purposed and who purposed it; an intelligent mind who purposed the creation of mankind. We believe that every human being was made in the image of God (Imago Dei)

When God says you matter he says it in a deep, spiritual, and important way and to believe in God is to believe in purpose!

Purpose gives you a sense of accountability and accountability gives a sense of hope!

Matt 10:29-30 God cares and sees you as important & you’re worth more than every sparrow because there is a God who has purposed your existence. You matter so much that whoever thinks you do not matter does not matter!

2 Facts about life you should know👇

⚪️ Life is not meaningless- There’s got to be more about life. Obey your thirst… Purpose begets accountability and accountability keeps you in God.

⚪️ Life is not satisfying- The desire to be satisfied with life with our own desires will not bring the satisfaction we should have.
Eccl 1:12-14, Eccl 2:11. There’s more to life.
“If you have a purpose it means purpose is older than you and whatever your perspective of purpose is must be relevant in the realm of the creator because we exist in this world shouldn’t mean that’s all about this world.” Your purpose must be relevant in his realm ⚡️⚡️

“Purpose is that one thing for which you were created and in which you must succeed. Otherwise, other things you succeed at would not count. In the realm of purpose, there are priorities not all things have the same relevance or importance. If I don’t do what matters the most every other thing would frustrate me.”

God’s priority in my life is to know him and to make Him known. Purpose is relevant in two realms and every single time I spend praying I am fulfilling purpose!

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