July 11, 2022

Deeper Ikeja – Hypertrophy In Prayer

Deeper Ikeja – Hypertrophy In Prayer

There are avenues to demonstrate our love for Jesus.

From John 21:25 we see Jesus saying feeding his sheep is a personal favor to Him.

In a practical sense, God needs us.
Without man, God will not and without God, man cannot.

In Matthew 26:40-43 , Jesus asked Peter ‘Couldn’t you keep watch with me for one hour ? ‘

We decipher two crucial lessons from this

1. In our devotion our love for Jesus is proven.
Jesus is the head and we are his body, so when He leads we follow.
From our actions and our inactions, we prove our love for Him.

2. Hypertrophy in prayer
The true power of prayer is in the habit not just in the action.

You won’t see true results until you have been consistent.

Prayer has a cumulative effect.

The effect is measured over a period of time not just in an instance.

There is a time factor in prayer.

The real training is not just praying.

It is the heartfelt and continued prayer of the righteous that makes power available.

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