March 8, 2020

Healing School II

Healing School II

When it Seems like it is not Working

In Genesis 15, Abraham had an encounter with God. God asked him to number the stars and promised him that so shall his seeds be.
Several years later, nothing had happened and the man whom God promised countless children had none. Unlike many of us who have many stories to fall back on in times of doubt, Sarah had no one to make reference to.

In Genesis 17, God spoke again and by then Abraham was 99 years old. God promised to multiply him exceedingly. God even changed Abraham’s and Sarah’s names. However, at some point, Abraham settled and pleaded with God to accept Ishmael but God refused. Gen 17:18 Eventually, he saw the word of God come to pass.

As good as encounters are, your conviction must still be on the word. What is the longest you have waited for God? Some people think faith means that you cannot wait on God. When you are waiting, you will face pressures but you must hold on to the word.

In John 11, when Jesus was informed of Lazarus’ illness, He said that the sickness was not unto death but Lazarus died. When he died, Jesus still didn’t show up for some days. However, when he showed up, Lazarus came back to life.

Even if Jesus shows up 4 days later, He is still on time. It can be hard to trust for something and not receive it. The word does not change and you have a choice to believe the word or not but dare to believe the word. Let conviction direct your experience and not the other way round. Don’t dwell on the few times it didn’t happen. Stay on the word!

In Luke 8, the woman with the issue of blood waited for 12 years before she was healed. It is possible to believe God despite all you have been through. If you keep believing God despite all you have been through, you’ll see more miracles. Dare to believe God. Come to a point where there is no aspect of your life you think God cannot reach.

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