May 1, 2023

Deeper Ago – Evening – The Power of Your Imagination

Deeper Ago – Evening – The Power of Your Imagination

The Power of Your Imagination – Apostle Emmanuel Iren

✍️There are so many ways God changes the lives of people
✍️If you believe in rapture, you must believe that the agency of rapture, the Holy Ghost is already in you.

-If you don’t see the son of God in the word of God then you don’t know the word of God.
– There are things that God wants to bring into your life that he must first bring to your mind.
– God often uses the power of imagination to transform the faith life of a believer.
-Imagination is a gift that the lord has given you. Use it.

How does this gift play a role in the miraculous?
-God exceeds your expectations but your imagination is important
-Experiences are powerful. However, your experience must be anchored on God’s word
-Anything that you don’t believe in you shouldn’t listen to
Isaiah 26:3

-Pictography: God painting pictures in our mind is a method that has long been sown into the very fabric of faith. Through types and shadows.
-When you fix your mind you are open to the possibilities of God
You use words to shake off thoughts!
-It’s possible that you’re asking and your imagination can stir up possibilities and the dispensation of power
-Learn to ponder the word of God

How do you build your imagination
✍️With God’s word. Rom 12:2 Renew your mind with the word of God and meditate on the word of God.
✍️With examples. Don’t compete with people you should emulate. Embrace the examples in your life

✍️You must learn to praise God like it has already happened

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