May 1, 2023

Deeper Ago – Afternoon – How to Serve God

Deeper Ago – Afternoon – How to Serve God


Wrong expectations will make you miss out on what God is doing. It can also lead to disappointment.

As a worker in God’s vineyard, there is how to serve God. This is called Reasonable service
(Rom 12:2)

The reason you must present yourself acceptable is because there is an acceptable will. Your sincerity is not enough. You must find out what is acceptable. Zeal without knowledge killed people in the Old Testament (Leviticus 10:1-2)

God is still God and consistent with His own will
When you learn this you will understand the posture and vocabulary of worship.

2 Sam 7: 1 – 27

God is God-centered. (Joshua 5:13-14)

The biggest secret of power isn’t prayer and fasting as important as they are. The biggest secret of power is purpose. Prayer is most effective when you find your purpose and pray prayers that are consistent with it

God is teaching our hands to war.
Do not have a stereotypical impression of anointing as long as it’s in tandem with God’s word.
Moses held a rod Joshua held a sword
Same mantle but different expressions.

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