February 19, 2023

Cinderella – Love, Fairytales, Reality

Cinderella – Love, Fairytales, Reality

For a relationship to work, it takes more than prayer, fasting and even knowing the right person.

How to make your relationship/marriage work👇

❤️Approach relationship/marriage like a novice – buy books, and get counsel to equip yourself. Be willing to learn.

❤️Never underestimate the amount of preparation required. You must be prepared before getting into a relationship/marriage.

❤️Love is important and also a good starter, however, love/romance isn’t enough. The Bible says in Eph 5:31-32 “Marriage is a mystery.” However, Never call simple what God has called a mystery. A good marriage is hard work but it is possible. The love Christ has for the church makes marriage a total ball game for a believer. Therefore you must do the work and prepare well for a good marriage. How can I be deliberate and put in the work when it comes to my relationship/ marriage?

❤️ Do it as unto the Lord – this is how you can demonstrate the Lordship of Jesus in your life. Your primary performance should not be dependent on the other person’s character but unto the Lord. Ephesians 5v25 – love your spouse as Christ loves the Church.

❤️ Walk in the Spirit – Do not relegate your marriage to sense knowledge. Love isn’t an emotion, it’s a fruit of the spirit. When you love Christ way and any challenge arises with your spouse, it should be an opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ in his/her life.

❤️ Be intentional – You must love the way the person perceives love. Learn your spouse’s love languages. Know how they want to be loved and treated.

Messages for Men:

❤️ Consciously love your spouse- You can do this by thanking her for the things she does. Don’t respond to ‘SERVICE’ with ‘ENTITLEMENT’. Learn to always say ‘Thank you,’ make it a habit

❤️ Compliment her always, even in front of other people and your children.

❤️ Validate her dreams & don’t trivialize her ideas

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