October 30, 2022

Church Power – The Power Of One

Church Power – The Power Of One

The Power of One

Matthew 25:31-40

It is part of Christian training to know that everything you do to the brethren or the church, is to God.
If you do it to the least of the brethren, it is unto the Lord.

Matthew 18:6
We should not wait till we are incentivized to come to church but be motivated by just the word of our reality in Christ, the sacrifice of Christ.
Strictly speaking, the requirement for joining the body of Christ was belief in Christ. “For as many as believed, their numbers were added to the church.”

You can’t claim to be saved and be indifferent to God’s word and the saints.

Miracles that happen with called out people gather:

1. The miracle of Family
Mathew 12:46 -50
Mathew 19:29

2. The miracle of love for the fellowship of the saints
Ephesians 1:15
1 John 2:9

3. The miracle of love for the word of God
Romans 11:33
Proverbs 23:23

4. The miracle of love for prayer

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