November 6, 2022

Delight In The Word – The Way To Spiritual Maturity

Delight In The Word – The Way To Spiritual Maturity

Sermon: Delight in the Word

Breaking news🚨: Interest in anything doesn’t come by default.

It is the duty of man to constantly commit to building an interest in a thing or activity and this principle also applies to the Word of God.

While it might not start off feeling natural, you can build interest in the Word of God. Romans 8:5-6
Two important things to note about delighting in God’s Word:

🔸God wants your devotion to be out of delight, not duty. Mark 12:28-29
He wants your activities and devotion to come from a place of love and excitement for him, not compulsion. 1 Peter 1:6-8

🔸At the same time, God doesn’t want your devotion to be devoid of duty.
Your love for him should be expressed in your acts of devotion toward him and his Word.

There’s a general misconception that affection will flow conveniently and effortlessly but this isn’t true. You’re not always going to “feel” something but at times like this, you go through with the acts while re-focusing your interests and affections. Romans 8:12-13

If you’re going to grow and be fruitful, you will have to commit and delight in the Word.
Acts 20:32, Mathew 7:24, John 15:1-4
So, how do you fuel your desire for the Word of God?

🔸You have to interest yourself by seeing the beauty in the Word. You should also pray for the interest and desire. Psalm 119:103,18, Psalms 27:4

🔸Make a habit out of it by setting actions, checks & balances to keep you accountable to your devotion.

🔸Be a doer of the Word. You get more proficient in something when you keep at it.

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