December 2, 2020

Apostolos – PH Day 3 – Spiritual Identity – Orthodox Church

Apostolos – PH Day 3 – Spiritual Identity – Orthodox Church

Orthodoxy is standing firmly on the word of God. Christianity is not the ingenuity of any preacher. Because even Paul said, what he preached, was what he had been taught. Though Paul had seen Jesus with his eyes, he believed more because the scriptures supported it. Any supernatural encounter that is not in line with the scriptures does not count. Orthodoxy refers to the singleness of beliefs, the creed, and doctrine of a group of people. As believers, we have a doctrinal identity. Luke 24:25 Jesus who is the very word manifest still placed the scriptures above his own testimony. This is orthodoxy, if Jesus could do this, how much more us? He later said in verse 26 that the scriptures not himself said the Christ would die and rise again. We do not discern Christ after the flesh, we discern the son of God in the word of God.

If we are not students of the word of God, we would make the same mistakes the Pharisees who crucified Jesus made. 2cor 2:15 We must hold the traditions with which we have been taught. God wants to raise solid Christians, people who know who they are in Christ. We have a creed, a specific doctrine that we adhere to. What is your responsibility? Be vocal about the truth. Be passionate about it. The gospel must prevail on your account. We cannot be indifferent about doctrine. We must add and lend our voice. The truth had never prevailed without effort. If we do not uphold standards they will fall. Jesus contended! He did not mince words.

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