December 2, 2020

Apostolos – PH Day 2 – Spiritual Identity – The Charismatic Church

Apostolos – PH Day 2 – Spiritual Identity – The Charismatic Church

It’s important to know God wants us to share in his power⚡⚡💃💃 He wants to mentor us as pertains to the divine or supernatural. During creation God was the powerful creator, he did astounding things even to the naming of animals. He created man, and asked him to do the same thing-name animals, God was mentoring the first man in things pertaining to the divine. He did the same with Moses, and even the children of Israel when they were going to bring the walls of Jericho crumbling down. And He also did the same with Ezekiel as pertaining to bringing ‘dry bones’ back to life. You see, if we want dry bones to live, we are must speak; and God moves mountains when we speak!

However, in the Old Testament, very few people could walk in this charismatic ability. But it is documented that in Joel 2:28, God intended to pour out his Spirit on all flesh, he intended that all men walk in this charismatic ability. Dear believer, with the advent of Jesus Christ, you can work miracles, you can speak boldly to storms and they’ll become still. And as John 14:10 put it, it is possible, because God resides in you. Declare boldly to those situations today! Remember God mentors you as it pertains to the supernatural, and He wants you to walk in the supernatural!

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