September 10, 2023

Well Spring – Looking Unto Jesus

Well Spring – Looking Unto Jesus

Minister – Apostle Emmanuel Iren
Title – Looking Unto Jesus

Many Christians might be fierce in prayer and word study, yet be one trial away from backsliding because the church has not taught much on defence in the face of tribulations.

📌Objectives of this sermon
1. How to handle tribulations
2. How to remain perpetual in the joy of the Lord

Why do bad things happen?
1. Whilst God is all-powerful, He also gave us free will.
For love to be possible, hate has to be possible too because God wants us to choose him.
Hebrews 4:15,
2. Adam abused the freewill and sinned
Romans 5:12
God empathized with us in our frailty, and his example is a lesson on how to handle pain. Isaiah 53:3

How to handle tribulations by looking up to Jesus
📝Jesus Set Joy Before Himself: Heb 12:2 (The Greek word translates for someone to set joy in the mind). You might be going through a lot but it is important and possible to set Joy before you by recognizing what is going well in your life. PS: You cannot control what you cannot control. Your worrying won’t change anything. This is a mentality to have.

📝Despise the shame. Hebrews 12:2.

📝He did not treat the pain as though it were final: You need to stop acting like this trial will be the end of your life. Psalms 16:8-11.

📝 Trusting God with your life not just in salvation but in every practical area of your life.

📝 Let the Lord himself be your Joy Psalm 16:8 You want to be happy all your life? Don’t set your joy on things that can change. Set your Joy in the Lord.
There is joy in things, but a permanent type of Joy is called Joy in the Holy Ghost! Glory to God!

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