March 14, 2021

Vintage Jesus – Look & Live

Vintage Jesus – Look & Live

John 16:7
God took on flesh and dwelled amongst man. Knowing Jesus and the rules of knowing Jesus is different from the usual sociological means.
The way to truly know God is by his word and his spirit. Apostle Paul, though he never saw Christ incarnate, knew Jesus as much as the other Apostles.

The disciples all scattered when Jesus was arrested, Peter also denied him. The religious leaders must have felt victorious over Jesus, but when he died something changed in them.

God is spirit, growing in our love and knowledge of him is different, we get deeper in our convictions and beliefs by his word and not by experience.

The Divine Order of revelation is first theological before it is experiential. If you don’t know the word of God you don’t know God.
John 1:1

Moses was a man full of experience but he
still prayed to know God.
You can’t separate God from his word, His word is his personality.

Jesus said it’s for our benefit that he “goes”. He believed that the disciples would be better of when he left, and they have the spirit because you can only know so far without his spirit.

John 5:39
You stand a better chance knowing God in his word than by experiences. If you want to discern Jesus, look in his word.

There’s how to know God. Signs and Miracles are great but search the scriptures. The word of God testifies of him.

Luke 24:15-26
Jesus expounded to the men on the Journey to Emmaus his identity through the scriptures. When they discerned him in the word, he broke bread with them (This is the experiential part).
There’s a Supernatural Order to knowing God – First through his words.

John the Baptist was the fore-runner of Christ, he had the sole purpose of showing the world the Messiah. But after all the encounters he had, when he was thrown in prison, He told his disciples to ask Jesus if he was the Messiah.
Luke 7:19

What truly makes for a strong conviction in God is His word and His spirit. This is what will make you stand the test of time.

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