March 24, 2024

Trample – Exercising Authority As A Believer

Trample – Exercising Authority As A Believer


The understanding of believers’ authority leads to;

1. Personal transformation
2. ⁠National transformation
3. ⁠Spiritual victory.

Here are some salient points to note from this sermon

– When you discover your identity in God, your life changes.
– ⁠Understanding a believer’s authority helps you have a ‘God esteem’.

What happens when you receive this God’s esteem?

1. You would stop seeking external validation.
2. ⁠You will realize that no one is better than you because we are all equal in the sight of God.

– Believers’ authority is a mentality that births personal transformation.
– ⁠Knowledge is your defense in spiritual warfare.

Believers’ authority is all about seeing what Christ saw with the eyes of the spirit.

Our victory is preceded by first seeing satan fallen. We can therefore go in the name of the Lord because all power has been given to Jesus.🔥

As you go about your divine assignment, rest in the assurance that nothing can stop you! Take strides confidently because the devil is fallen.

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