March 11, 2024

Seated – The Position of the Believer

Seated – The Position of the Believer

Seated: The position of the believer

We experience shadows because our convictions in God shift. James 1:17

Here are some key points to note from the sermon:
– You must come to a point in your walk with God where you must learn to trust him.
– Every good comes from God, only good comes from God.

Evil stems from two sources
– The fallen nature of the world. Rom 8:20-21
– The Devil Acts 10:30
– Man

Wrong teachings cast shadows on the nature of God and will lead to wrong expectations.
God’s promise is that no matter what you face, He will provide a way of escape.


What happens when we think only good things happen to good people?
– We treat other people who are going through hard times poorly. There is a type of devotion God calls pride.

More points to note:
– Self-righteousness makes you vulnerable to attacks.
– When it comes to a believer’s authority it is a firm understanding of who you are.
– It is not your faithfulness that gives you authority.
– The name of Jesus is a place (Strong tower) and a garment of influence.

Go in the name of Jesus, when you stand and confront things in the spirit.

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