January 28, 2024

Roadmap to Kingdom Greatness – Money

Roadmap to Kingdom Greatness – Money

Roadmap to Kingdom Greatness: Money.🔥

Fruitfulness does not only mean biological fruitfulness but, increase on every side.

Here are some key points to note:

– God expects you to not only consume but, to reproduce and increase on every side.

– Fruitfulness is an instruction from God.

– There has to be something in your hand for God to bless.

How does the blessing work?

– With guided labor followed with obedience.

– By a favor advantage.


To be fruitful, learn the following:

– Imitation: Learn how to replicate what already exists. Do your research and study.

– Innovation: Do what others are doing till it unlocks a new level of creativity that hasn’t been conceived.

The mandate to dominate was given to all men.
As you go into this week, make sure you take on that mandate.

You’re well equipped for the journey!🔥

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