December 16, 2023

RC 23 – Ambience – The Jealousy of God

RC 23 – Ambience – The Jealousy of God

Ambience: The Jealousy of God

Here are some important points to remember:

📌 The presence and provision of God is in his purpose.

📌 The biggest principle of Power is not in prayer and fasting but in purpose

📌 When you find yourself in the center of God’s will, you will see and walk in power.

📌 You don’t just wake up and follow trends as a Christian. You must inquire of the Lord.


📌 The jealousy of God is God’s vehement commitment to the execution of his plan and him fighting against anyone trying to contradict what He is trying to achieve with you. Isaiah 9:6

📌 The jealousy of God is the zeal of God. God’s jealousy stewards his purpose for your life.

📌 One of the most powerful things you can do is to side with God.

📌 If you are in the will of God, the supernatural flows easily.

📌 Your money is a symbol of your energy. Whatever you spend your money on is your idol.

📌 When there is genuine love, there is jealousy, and Godly jealousy wants love to thrive.

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