February 5, 2023

Love On The Rock

Love On The Rock

It’s human nature to see the red flags in other people, but not in ourselves. Being solid requires that we look inwards, examining ourselves to know if we are who God wants us to be.

To build relationships on the rock, we must first build ourselves on the rock.

How do you build yourself on the rock?

📍Recognize your red flags – your weaknesses. 2Cor 13:5

Red flags like Idleness, lack of a healthy community, unhealthy curiosity, lack of boundaries, unwillingness to take correction, displeasing God, an untamed tongue, strife & selfishness.

📍Burn your red flags in consecration, they are materials for your alter to burn. James 1:15

📍Accountability, don’t surround yourself with enablers, walk with people you can be accountable to, that can instruct & correct you.

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