February 25, 2024

Halo – Choosing The Right Partner

Halo – Choosing The Right Partner

How to Choose the Right Spouse ✨

A lot of people make conclusions on the basis of appearance.
1 Sam 16:6-7.

Here are some key points to note from the sermon:

– Anointed people can also choose wrong.
– Social standards can cloud your judgment.
– Beware of the halo effect.

What to look out for in a husband
– Look for a man who is responsible. Find out what his values are towards family.
– Respect and accountability
– Who does he love?

What to look out for in a wife
– Is she considerate, especially in today’s world?
– Respect and accountability
– Reliability.

As Christians, we must always listen to God’s instructions and ask for his directions to make the right choice.✨

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