March 31, 2024

Endless life

Endless life

Endless life 🔥

Because of Jesus, we have access to the Father. 2 Cor 4:4

Here are some key points to note from the sermon;

– National development is important, but the offering of the gospel is a priority.
– The gospel is not for economic development.
– The gospel offering is more than an escape from hell.

Three things to note from Matthew 12:38:40
– Beware of consumer Christianity: When you’re a consumer Christian, your faith will not last. Something must happen in your hearts for you to see the gospel as the power of God. Sometimes, the miracles in your life are to show you that there are higher priorities.
– The sign of Jonah is that he died and rose again, and we see the same with Jesus. Jonah 2:1
– The message of Jonah. Jonah 4:1. This message was for the people of Nineveh to repent. The God of the Bible is so good, He annoys religious people.


Here are further points to note;

– Feeling bad is not the power of God unto salvation.
– Your faith is based on the message, not on how you feel.
– The God of the Bible is concerned about impact, not reputation.

God wants to prove the extent of his love, grace, and kindness to you. The resurrection of Jesus is the best gift to mankind ✨

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