October 1, 2023

Edifice – God Make Us A People Of Prayer

Edifice – God Make Us A People Of Prayer

God Make Us A People Of Prayer

– One of the ways to test your spiritual health is your prayer life.

– There are purposes that God wants to achieve in your life, and they can’t be accomplished unless you stay in the place of prayer.

– Prayer is a medium through which a man invites God into his life to accomplish His purpose in the man’s life.

– God is all-powerful but He is not mannerless to trample on man’s free will.


2 simple reasons why prayer is important:

– So that God can do in your life what He wants to do.

– So that the devil cannot do in your life what he wants to do.

2 things to know when rebuilding your prayer life:

– Prayer will never be a waste of time.

– No matter how far away you have been, you can be on fire again.

Finally, some of the key principles of prayer:

– Create a time and a place of prayer.
– Create a system around it.

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