August 20, 2023

Dragnet – 1st Service

Dragnet – 1st Service

The importance of evangelism in our Christian walk. 🔥

Here are some key points to note:

– Christianity is a miracle of changed desires. Therefore, we must see evangelism as something honorable, and of great privilege

– Active evangelism will prompt interactions that will urge you to master your craft and preach efficiently.

– It is important that the Message remains the same despite our mode of preaching.

– Souls get saved by hearing the true Gospel’s message and believing it.

How To Win Souls:

– Know the message and know it well

– Practice: Boldness comes by impartation and practice.

– Learn to start conversations

– Invite people to church

Soul winning is a full-time job, never miss an opportunity to sow the seed of God’s word into someone.

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