March 6, 2021

Deeper – Praying In The Spirit – Revelation

Deeper – Praying In The Spirit – Revelation


It is important to build a public and private prayer life and help see how the Holy Spirit helps to pray. (Matthew 6:5)

You can pray well with the saints and be struggling with your personal prayer time.

Build a private prayer life that is as authentic and fervent as your public prayer life. There is nothing more beautiful to see when you gaze at God. KNOW that if you pray in the secret He will reward you openly. God who sees the secret will reward you openly.

PRAYER is a strategy for soul maintenance. Prayer is not all about requests but what it does on your inside. (Matt 26:38.) Jesus considers prayer a strategy for keeping the soul in check and that’s exactly how to handle Anxiety.

God replies to prayers from the weak with Strength. (Phil 4:6-7) It’s time to rise in boldness in the place of prayer.

How the Holy Spirit helps us pray “He helps us pray ABBA Father. Romans 8:15” Prayer can be a cry.

Prayer with your daddy is a family engagement and not a board room meeting. Understand the Emotional aspect of prayer.

When the NEED is greater than the APPETITE there is a Consciousness of an emotional tie to whom you pray to. (James 5:17)

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