August 12, 2023

Deeper PH – Day 1 – Noon – Believer’s Authority

Deeper PH – Day 1 – Noon – Believer’s Authority

Topic: Believer’s authority pt1 (Sons of God)
Text: Luke 10:19, 1 John 3:1,
Ministering: Apostle Emmanuel Iren


📌 The highest revelation in God is the revelation of sonship.

📌 There is a difference between authority and power.
Authority is backed by power but it’s not power.
It’s who authority represents that you submit to not the power.
Authority describes legality.

📍 There is what to see before what to experience.
📍 In Christ, your position is more important than your experience. Your experience will fluctuate over time but your position in Christ shouldn’t.

📍Authority emphasizes position and identity while Power emphasizes capacity.

📍 There is no greater privilege than to be called the son of God (1Jhn 3:1)
Your sonship is the envy of the spirit realm.

HEB 1:4, Gen 6:2,4, Job 1:6, 38:7, Ps 82;1, 1Kings 22:19-21, 8:4-5, HEB 2:5-9

All spiritual beings are called Elohim, but there is no Elohim like Yahweh

📍 Angels were also called god (Ps 82;1.)
📍 The congregation of the mighty (1Kings 22:19-21)

📌 Initially, God created angels to oversee supernatural affairs and man to oversee earthly affairs.

📌 Categories of Sonship

👉🏾 The Godman: Any human that walked this earth and didn’t come through the natural procreation. They’re just 2: the first Adam (Adam) and the last Adam (Jesus).

👉🏾 By resurrection: Rom 1:4, Acts 13:30-33, John 3:16, HEB 1
We are the sons of God by the resurrection of Christ.

📌 Jesus, as the son of God, is in 3 categories: born of a virgin, by resurrection, and his uniqueness.

📍 It is a temptation of the devil to equate sonship to asking for needs.

📌 The ministry of reconciliation is the purpose of every believer. (2Cor 5:17-19, 1 Cor 3:9)

📌 God in Christ provided reconciliation. Now God is in us announcing reconciliation.

📍 There are dimensions of power you can only touch in purpose.

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