October 2, 2023

Deeper Abuja – Wisdom – Discerning Spiritual Seasons

Deeper Abuja – Wisdom – Discerning Spiritual Seasons

How to identify ‘Negative Kairos’

📍Matthew 16:1-3; just as there are natural signs of physical seasons, such is the same for the spiritual.

📍Kairos can be described as a divine coincidence, but it’s more than that. You might never even realize when it happens. It’s God’s prophetic intervention in human activities.

📍Luke 10:30-31. Synkarian- together with Kairos, which is now translated to coincidence.

📍Isaiah 46:9-11. God can declare the end from the beginning and announce it like it has already happened. With God, favour can come from a far place. Kairos works with the gift of prophecy.

📍There is a negative kairos. It’s possible for positive and negative Kairos to happen at the same time for different people in the same situation. 1 chronicles 18.

📍Negative kairos can happen either by you straying away from God and being under the devil’s control or by someone else prophesying negatively over you.

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