January 12, 2020

Dealing With Insecurities

Dealing With Insecurities

Dealing with Insecurities
Matthew 13:3-22. Why are many Christians unfruitful, ever learning but not coming to the knowledge of the truth? Why do we come to church and learn the word repeatedly? As a good farmer, evacuate things that compete with the health of the seed.

Some believers have the Samson Syndrome- so strong in the manifestations of the spirit but the wisdom of God isn’t filtrating into other aspects of your life! This is something to deal with otherwise, one won’t experience growth!

Spiritual growth is theology influencing our thoughts and actions.

We have two extremes to teaching:
1. Those that no matter what is taught, they want to see the practicalities immediately.
2. Those whose teachings are so grandiose and eloquent, littered with Greek and Hebrew words but still not relevant to the lives of those who listen.
There should be a balance to this and we can see from Paul’s letters how he consistently explains the revelation of the believer’s identity and its implications in his life.

Many struggle with connecting the dots between the revelation of who they are and the implication of that knowledge. We can clearly see Jesus bring in doctrinal truths into everyday contexts.

How you handle situations, shows how much understanding you have of the Word of God. And in dealing with insecurities, this is not a psychological topic or one for those that are babes in the kingdom! And in dealing with it, the word of God is enough!

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