October 16, 2022

CCI AGO Inaugral Service – Church Mind

CCI AGO Inaugral Service – Church Mind

One of the most emotional texts in the scriptures is John 21:15-17 for these reasons:
1. This was the first time Jesus spoke to Peter after he betrayed him.
2. Jesus had just risen from the dead.

Jesus wanted Peter to prove his love for Him by caring for his sheep. If Jesus is indeed the love of our life, we must see that the church is a big deal to him.

Hence we can establish two things from John 21:15-17
1. Corporate worship
* Church is a group of reverent, obedient, and committed people gathering together regularly.
* As believers, what we have in common must bring us together regularly.
* We can’t claim to love Jesus and be indifferent about the church.
* There’s no such thing as an Individual follower of Christ. We must all belong to a body.

2. Spiritual leadership
* To follow Jesus requires humility, gentleness, and willingness to take instructions from His word.
* Jesus required the disciples to tarry together (Luke 24:49)
* Faith in Jesus must also be accompanied by love for the saints.

Three uncommon marks of a local church.
1. Proximity (Acts 2:46 ). God wants your fellowship to be close to your house as much as possible for accountability reasons.

2. Out-of-church fellowship. It is important that you have people in your space who share your faith. We all need spiritual support at some point in our lives.

3. Corporate prayer and corporate power. The power of God has a multiplier effect when we come together.

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