March 28, 2021

Vintage Jesus – Baptizo

Vintage Jesus – Baptizo


In the Old Testament types, shadows and symbols were used to foretell the redemptive work of Christ.
This is the concept of Typology

For eg White lambs were used to typify the True Lamb who will be spotless.
Circumcision was used to typify the cutting off of the sinful part of man in Salvation.
Baptism – to illustrate the burial and resurrection of Christ as a redemptive work.
(Romans 6:3 -4)

Communication in the Old Testament is a key difference between the New Testament
In the Old Testament, there were types, shadows, and symbols, replete with the prophetic.
(Heb 1:1 -3)

The prophets said nothing wrong but the Son of God has more authority and clarity.
In Christ, you can’t get the revelation of God wrong.
In Christ, you see the exact image of God
Heb 10:1

3 ways to identify a figure
1. It is made with human hands. Any aspect that involves man’s effort doesn’t reflect the redemptive reality in Christ.

2. If it predates the New Testament, it is not an ordinance in Christ and therefore shouldn’t continue. Some things can predate and should still continue but there must be a balance. It should tick the other boxes.

3. If the New Testament clearly identifies it as a symbol. In 1 Cor 5:7 Christ is our Passover. In Colossians 2:11 Christ is our circumcision

Baptizo – Greek word of baptism (to Immerse.)

1 Cor 12: 13
Baptism is done by the Spirit and not with human hands

By baptism, we get spiritually added to the lineage of Christ
Colossians 2:12 describes how to be a beneficiary of what Christ did

There are salvation metaphors
Eg poverty
Hunger and thirst
Just like water, salvation satisfies and cleanses.

In John 7:37-39
Jesus referred to water here as the spirit
Christ mentions water repeatedly as a symbol of the Spirit in John 3:1-5
Water baptism = a symbol representing baptism by the Spirit.

When the same thought is passed across all the synoptic gospels, we must know its significance.
The baptism of Christ is of the Holy Spirit!
(John 1:32-33, Luke 3:16, Matt 3:11, Mark 1:8)

The baptism of water was only the picture of salvation.

A type and shadow of what we now have by the Spirit!
(Acts 11: 14-17)

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