April 24, 2022

Yeshua – The Logos

Yeshua – The Logos

Every relationship is superficial until it gets serious. You can have a superficial religious experience but we know you’re growing when you begin to ask real questions about God. It takes maturity to say yes we are studying Yeshua.

The name Jesus is the translation of the name “Yeshua” Acts 13:8
The name Esus was the name attempted to paganize the name, Jesus. The real name of the messiah is in his reputation. Your real name is your reputation.

Do you know Jesus? Don’t assume you do?
Let’s stop playing church and make sure that we actually know Jesus. Ignorance has grave consequences.
We must come to a place of total discernment Luke 24:25

The only way to know the son of God is in the word of God.
• Jesus is God. John 1:1
• He came as a man to be our sacrifice John 1:14
• He died and rose again so he can be the captain of our salvation
• He is the Logos (Word)

When we say Jesus is the logos, we mean he is the logic of God. Every servant of God is meant to be a good example but they can never be a perfect example.

Just because miracles happened doesn’t mean you’re in the will of God.
When you are determined to know God you understand and learn how to be responsible with power.
Luke 9:54-55, In Christ we see the logic of God. You must rightly divide by putting those actions who Christ is and what He did. The word of God about salvation was written in him. John 5:39. Matthew 21:33

Hebrews 1:1-3, John 1:17
If you really want to grow in the knowledge of Jesus, take Bible study seriously. We need to come to a point where we are satisfied learning about Christ.
(John 3:30-31) because he is from heaven he speaks with an authority nobody can speak with.

Make sure that your theology is in alignment with Christ. From Jesus’ experience, we know that even after praying and fasting the devil still comes and your defense won’t be prayer but that “It is written.”

Learn to seek Christ for Christ’s sake!

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