April 3, 2022

Yeshua: The God-man

Yeshua: The God-man

Yeshua: The God man If you study the communication of Jesus, you’ll have one of two conclusions.

1. He is God

2. He is a fraud

No ordinary person can speak the way Jesus did. In Matthew 4:7, Jesus said to Satan, “…do not tempt the Lord your God”. Jesus was the one being tempted here yet He referred to himself as God.

In Isaiah 9:6, The child Jesus to be born was called the everlasting father and the Mighty God. The fact that Jesus is son does not mean He’s not God. Jesus has always been God however, he became son when he was conceived by virgin Mary, without the help of a man. It was by the Spirit of God, this is when He became the SON OF GOD.

Jesus has an origin as a man but He has no beginning because He is God. He became a man one day but then, HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN GOD! The fact that Jesus is a son doesn’t contradict His Deity as God. HE is God and will always be God. WHY SHOULD YOU KNOW JESUS?

As believers, questions will always come and so we must always anticipate questions and have answers to these questions. Knowing Jesus is not just for argument, it is for worship. By knowing Jesus enough to defend Him, you have given Him a sacred place.

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