January 9, 2022

What To Do With Kairos

What To Do With Kairos

Philippians 1:25 Our faith can move and grow and we can grow in influence on account of the gospel.

There are two Ancient Greek words to describe time which are;

• Chronos – Chronological and it’s quantitative. Eccl 3:1. This means clock time and it’s measured in hours, mins, seconds, and years.

• Kairos means opportune time and it is qualitative. In life generally, it’s not how long but how well. Eccl 9:11.

Time and chance happen to them all, we have to understand this concept because in one moment of Kairos, lives can change which is our supernatural advantage. As wonderful as Kairos is you have to also appreciate Chronos. If you abuse Chronos, kairos will elude you.

Kairos is Chronos “well managed” proverbs 22:29. Well managed Chronos + Opportunities = Kairos If you don’t use your Chronos well opportunities will be wasted. Develop a routine for greatness. Be ready to receive feedback; Work on yourself and be better off. When you understand Kairos you’ll understand a different perspective towards delay. Luke 1:5 Sometimes the delay is important to Kairos in the making. What you’re referring to delay might be Kairos.

Don’t waste the pain and don’t jeopardize the Kairos, don’t give up! Keep at it. Listen to God, continue to work faithfully, keep at it!

How to take advantage of your supernatural seasons;

1. Hold on to the power of your testimony. This is where the investment in Chronos matters. You have to have a track record. In the power of testimony, there’s a reward for those who do not faint. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

2. Use what you’ve learned boldly – You can’t do great for God in this generation until you remove yourself from trying to impress people.

3. Avoid distractions- If you stop prematurely under pressure then it’s on you. Avoid the side talks. Don’t loose focus. Focus on what God has given you and follow God’s plan for your life.

4. Be bold! Talk like someone who has been with God. Practice boldness. Learn to talk about your gift and what you can do. In ministry, the anointing will flow when you confess it. There must be a confidence about you!

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